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2008 AFL Season Fixture

Thursday, March 20
Carlton v Richmond (MCG) 6.10 pm
Port Adelaide v Geelong (AAMI Stadium) 8.45 pm

Saturday, March 22
Collingwood v Fremantle (MCG) 2.10pm
St Kilda v Sydney (Telstra Dome) 7.10 pm
West Coast v Brisbane Lions (Subiaco) 7.40pm

Sunday, March 23
Western Bulldogs v Adelaide (Telstra Dome) 1.10pm
Hawthorn v Melbourne (MCG) 4.40 pm

Monday, March 24
Kangaroos v Essendon (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm

Friday, March 28

Brisbane Lions v Collingwood (Gabba) 8.40pm

Saturday, March 29
Melbourne v Western Bulldogs (MCG) 2.10pm
Adelaide v West Coast (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm
St Kilda v Carlton (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Fremantle v Hawthorn (Subiaco) 7.40pm

Sunday, March 30
Sydney v Port Adelaide ((SCG)) 1.10 pm
Geelong v Essendon (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Richmond v Kangaroos (MCG) 4.40pm

Friday, April 4

Western Bulldogs v St Kilda (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, April 5
Kangaroos v Hawthorn (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
West Coast v Fremantle (Subiaco) 4.10pm
Brisbane Lions v Sydney (Gabba) 7.10pm
Essendon v Carlton (MCG) 7.10pm

Sunday, April 6
Geelong v Melbourne (Skilled Stadium) 1.10pm
Richmond v Collingwood (MCG) 2.10pm
Adelaide v Port Adelaide (AAMI Stadium) 4.40pm

Friday, April 11

Essendon v Western Bulldogs (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, April 12
St Kilda v Geelong (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Kangaroos v Melbourne (Gold Coast) 4.10pm
Sydney v West Coast (Telstra Stadium) 7.10pm
Port Adelaide v Brisbane Lions (AAMI Stadium) 7.40pm

Sunday, April 13
Hawthorn v Adelaide (Aurora Stadium) 1.10pm
Carlton v Collingwood (MCG) 2.10pm
Fremantle v Richmond (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, April 18

St Kilda v Essendon (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, April 19
Geelong v. Sydney (Skilled Stadium) 2.10pm
Adelaide v Fremantle (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm
Brisbane Lions v Hawthorn (Gabba) 7.10pm
Collingwood v Kangaroos (MCG) 7.10pm

Sunday, April 20
Melbourne v Carlton (MCG) 1.10pm
Western Bulldogs v Richmond (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
West Coast v Port Adelaide (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, April 25

Collingwood v Essendon (MCG) 2.40pm
Fremantle v Geelong (Subiaco) 8.40pm

Saturday, April 26
Carlton v Adelaide (MCG) 2.10pm
Western Bulldogs v West Coast (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Port Adelaide v St Kilda (AAMI Stadium) 7.40pm

Sunday, April 27
Brisbane Lions v Melbourne (Gabba) 1.10pm
Kangaroos v Sydney (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Hawthorn v Richmond (MCG) 4.40pm

Friday, May 2

West Coast v Carlton (Subiaco) 8.40pm

Saturday, May 3
Geelong v Brisbane Lions (Skilled Stadium) 2.10pm
Hawthorn v Collingwood (MCG) 2.10pm
Richmond v St Kilda (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Adelaide v Kangaroos (AAMI Stadium) 7.40pm

Sunday, May 4
Sydney v Western Bulldogs ((SCG)) 1.10pm
Melbourne v Fremantle (MCG) 2.10pm
Essendon v Port Adelaide (Telstra Dome) 4.40pm

Friday, May 16

St Kilda v Collingwood (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, May 17
Hawthorn v Port Adelaide (Aurora Stadium) 2.10pm
Richmond v Geelong (MCG) 2.10pm
Carlton v Brisbane Lions (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Kangaroos v West Coast (Gold Coast) 7.10pm

Sunday, May 18
Adelaide v Melbourne (AAMI Stadium) 1.10pm
Sydney v Essendon (Telstra Stadium) 2.10pm
Fremantle v Western Bulldogs (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, May 23

Collingwood v Geelong (MCG) 7.40pm

Saturday, May 24
Carlton v Fremantle (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Port Adelaide v Sydney (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm
Essendon v Richmond (MCG) 7.10pm 7.10pm
West Coast v Adelaide (Subiaco) 7.40pm

Sunday, May 25
Brisbane Lions v St Kilda (Gabba) 1.10pm
Melbourne v Hawthorn (MCG) 2.10pm
Western Bulldogs v Kangaroos (Telstra Dome) 4.40pm

Friday, May 30

Adelaide v Essendon (AAMI Stadium) 8.10pm

Saturday, May 31
Collingwood v West Coast (MCG) 2.10pm
Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs (Aurora Stadium) 2.10pm
Brisbane Lions v Kangaroos (Gabba) 7.10pm
Geelong v Carlton (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm

Sunday, June 1
Sydney v Richmond (SCG) 1.10pm
St Kilda v Melbourne (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Fremantle v Port Adelaide (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, June 6

Kangaroos v Geelong (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, June 7
Richmond v Adelaide (MCG) 2.10pm
Essendon v Hawthorn (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
West Coast v Sydney (Subiaco) 7.40pm

Sunday, June 8
Brisbane Lions v Fremantle (Gabba) 1.10pm
St Kilda v Western Bulldogs (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Port Adelaide v Carlton (AAMI Stadium) 4.40pm

Monday, June 9
Melbourne v Collingwood (MCG) 2.10pm

Friday, June 13

Essendon v West Coast (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, June 14
Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions (MCG) 2.10pm
Fremantle v Kangaroos (Subiaco) 4.10pm
Sydney v St Kilda (SCG) 7.10pm
Adelaide v Hawthorn (AAMI Stadium) 7.40pm

Sunday, June 15
Geelong v Port Adelaide (Skilled Stadium) 1.10pm
Collingwood v Carlton (MCG) 2.10pm
Richmond v Melbourne (Telstra Dome) 4.40pm

Friday, June 20
St Kilda v Fremantle (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, June 21
Hawthorn v Kangaroos (MCG) 2.10pm
Port Adelaide v Richmond (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm
Brisbane Lions v Adelaide (Gabba) 7.10pm
West Coast v Geelong (Subiaco) 7.40pm

Sunday, June 22
Melbourne v Sydney (Manuka Oval) 1.10pm
Carlton v Essendon (MCG) 2.10pm
Collingwood v Western Bulldogs (Telstra Dome) 4.40pm

Friday, June 27

Hawthorn v West Coast (MCG) 7.40pm

Saturday, June 28
Richmond v Carlton (MCG) 2.10pm
Kangaroos v St Kilda (Gold Coast) 7.10pm
Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide (TIO Stadium) 7.40pm

Sunday, June 29
Melbourne v Brisbane Lions (MCG) 1.10pm
Fremantle v Essendon (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, July 4
Adelaide v Geelong (AAMI Stadium) 7.40pm

Saturday, July 5
Sydney v Collingwood (Telstra Stadium) 7.10pm

Friday, July 11

Carlton v St Kilda (MCG) 7.40pm

Saturday, July 12
Collingwood v Adelaide (MCG) 2.10pm
Geelong v Fremantle (Skilled Stadium) 2.10pm
Essendon v Brisbane Lions (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Port Adelaide v Kangaroos (AAMI Stadium) 7.40pm

Sunday, July 13
Hawthorn v Sydney (MCG) 1.10pm
Western Bulldogs v Melbourne (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
West Coast v Richmond (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, July 18

Kangaroos v Collingwood (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, July 19
Geelong v Western Bulldogs (Skilled Stadium) 2.10pm
Richmond v Essendon (MCG) 2.10pm
Brisbane Lions v West Coast (Gabba) 7.10pm
St Kilda v Hawthorn (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm

Sunday, July 20
Carlton v Sydney (Telstra Dome) 1.10pm
Port Adelaide v Adelaide (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm
Fremantle v Melbourne (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, July 25

Hawthorn v Geelong (MCG) 7.40pm

Saturday, July 26
Essendon v Collingwood (MCG) 2.10pm
West Coast v St Kilda (Subiaco) 4.10pm
Richmond v Brisbane Lions (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Sydney v Adelaide (SCG) 7.10pm

Sunday, July 27
Port Adelaide v Fremantle (AAMI Stadium) 1.10pm
Melbourne v Kangaroos (MCG) 2.10pm
Western Bulldogs v Carlton (Telstra Dome) 4.40pm

Friday, August 1

Collingwood v Hawthorn (MCG) 7.40pm

Saturday, August 2
Essendon v Melbourne (MCG) 2.10pm
Adelaide v Carlton (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm
Geelong v Richmond (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Kangaroos v Brisbane Lions (Gold Coast) 7.10pm

Sunday, August 3
Western Bulldogs v Sydney (Manuka Oval) 1.10pm
St Kilda v Port Adelaide (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Fremantle v West Coast (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, August 8
Melbourne v Geelong (MCG) 7.10pm

Saturday, August 9
Carlton v Port Adelaide (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions (Aurora Stadium) 2.10pm
Collingwood v St Kilda (MCG) 7.10pm
Sydney v Fremantle (SCG) 7.10pm

Sunday, August 10
Kangaroos v Western Bulldogs (Telstra Dome) 1.10pm
Adelaide v Richmond (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm 2.40pm
West Coast v Essendon (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, August 15

Port Adelaide v Collingwood (AAMI Stadium) 8.10pm

Saturday, August 16
Essendon v Adelaide (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Melbourne v West Coast (MCG) 2.10pm
Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs (Gabba) 7.10pm
Sydney v Geelong Telstra Stadium 7.10pm

Sunday, August 17
Richmond v Hawthorn (MCG) 1.10pm
Carlton v Kangaroos (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
Fremantle v St Kilda (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, August 22

Western Bulldogs v Essendon (Telstra Dome) 7.40pm

Saturday, August 23
Richmond v Fremantle (MCG) 2.10pm
Port Adelaide v Melbourne (AAMI Stadium) 3.10pm
Brisbane Lions v Carlton (Gabba) 7.10pm
Collingwood v Sydney (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm

Sunday, August 24
Geelong v Kangaroos (Skilled Stadium) 1.10pm
St Kilda v Adelaide (Telstra Dome) 2.10pm
West Coast v Hawthorn (Subiaco) 4.40pm

Friday, August 29

Fremantle v Collingwood (Subiaco) 8.40pm

Saturday, August 30
Kangaroos v Port Adelaide (MCG) 1.10pm
Geelong v West Coast (Skilled Stadium) 2.10pm
Adelaide v Western Bulldogs (AAMI Stadium) 4.10pm
Carlton v Hawthorn (Telstra Dome) 7.10pm
Sydney v Brisbane Lions (SCG) 7.10pm

Sunday, August 31
Melbourne v Richmond (MCG) 2.10pm
Essendon v St Kilda (Telstra Dome) 4.40pm

Followed by the 2008 Grand Final.

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